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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Little Ways to Eat Right, Every Day

There are little ways, subtle changes you can make to eat right - every day - your way!
Try working these tips into your eating routine:
- Have breakfast every day! And add a piece of fruit like an orange, apple or banana.
- Skip or skimp on the sugar in your coffee. Cutting out 2 packets of sugar per day (2 teaspoons worth) saves 32 calories per day and over the course of the year that would total 11,680 calories saved or about 3.3 pounds!
- Try new foods! Keep your taste buds interested by adding in new foods, try interesting fruit and veggies like permission, starfruit or parsnips.
- Fill half of your plate with fruit and/or veggies. A great way to have a full plate with fewer calories is to fill-up half of your plate with fruit and/or veggies! When you are out to eat ask for double veggies or add a side of fruit with your meal.  
- Go Meatless on Mondays - Make it a goal to have at least one meatless meal per week, try a veggie stir fry with quinoa, bean burritos, veggie burgers or eggplant Parmesan.
Happy National Nutrition Month®

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