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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Skinny Holiday Survival Guide

It's time for holidays which also means that punch, cookies, candies and treats will likely be around every corner! Try these tips to get you through the holidays without tipping the scale:

- Snack Before You Go! Although it is tempting to not eat before heading to a party, actually having a snack before you head out the door can help keep your appetite in check. Try something light and simple like: apple & cheese stick, air popped popcorn or carrots & hummus.

- Think About Your Drink - Calories from drinks can pile up in a hurry and typically do not make you feel full. Try alternating each calorie containing drink (punch, wine, sweetened tea, lemonade, beer, soda...) with a glass of water. If you're planning a party have bottles of water or pitchers with water and sliced fruit or vegetables for guests. 

- Plan Ahead - If you have a particular diet restriction or preference, ask if there is something you can bring and then bring something that can be a 'go to' food for you. 

- Squeeze It In - When the schedule gets crazy, it can be tough to stick to your usual exercise routine. If needed try, squeezing in exercise throughout your day in 10 minute blocks like taking a quick walk, doing some yoga before bed or lifting some weights to start your day. Every little bit helps and good news, you burn about 48 calories per half hour of making crafts or wrapping gifts! 

- Stay Hydrated - Another motivator to sip on water is that staying hydrated impacts your metabolism! Basically the only beverages that dehydrate the body are alcohol containing beverages (another reason to have a glass of water between each alcohol containing drink). So while all beverages can help to hydrate you, focus on most of it coming from water! If you get tired of plain water, try naturally flavored seltzer waters like Perrier or Poland Springs. 

Most of all... wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a healthy New Year! 


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