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Monday, February 17, 2014

Healthier Flour Options

When it comes to cooking and baking sometimes you may not want to use whole wheat flour but still want to boost the nutrition value of what you are making. There are tons of flour options that can maximize nutrition rather than using all-purpose white flour that has been stripped of fiber and nutrients. Check out these flour options and give them a try!

Getting Started:  First try replacing one-quarter of the all-purpose flour in a recipe with one of the below flour options and gradually work up to half or more of the flour! You can even get away with 100% healthier grains like those listed below works well in pancakes, muffins and quick breads!

Oat Flour: A whole grain flour made from pure oats that provides fiber and protein. Works well in biscuits, muffins, quick breads, pancakes and waffles. 

Whole Wheat Pastry Flour: This is a variety of whole wheat flour that is ground from soft wheat berries, rather than wheat berries, the result is a lighter texture and taste profile compared to traditional whole wheat flour. Works well in cookies, cakes, muffins, pancakes and quick breads.

White Wheat Flour: A flour that is made from a variety of wheat, known as white wheat. It is a lighter color and more mild flavor compared to traditional wheat. Yet, nutritionally it still provides fiber and important vitamins and minerals. Works well with breads, muffins, cookies, pancakes and quick breads.

Almond Flour: This flour is literally made from ground almonds and provides monounsaturated fat, vitamin E and fiber. Plus it is gluten-free and lower in carbs compared to other flours. Try swapping out 1/4 of the flour in a recipe for almond flour to add an excellent texture and light nutty flavor. It also doubles as an excellent coating for breading chicken or fish. Works well as a breading and with muffins, cakes, cookies, pancakes and quick breads. 

Buckwheat Flour: Despite the name, buckwheat is not actually related to wheat. It is actually the edible fruit seed of a plant that is related to rhubarb, contains high amounts of essential amino acids and is gluten-free. Works well is pancakes, quick breads, waffles and pastas.  

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